Rough Environment Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

Reliable technology and industry standard interfaces for rough environments: Our tried and tested thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases of the red-y smart series now available as IP67 / NEMA 6 version.

Accurate Measurement

The massflow devices offer high accuracy and a wide dynamic range with the 2 different instrument versions “Standard” and “Hi-Performance”:

Accuracy up to ± 0.3% of full scale + ±0.5% of reading
Turndown ratio 1 : 100 (extended turndown ratio on request)

Analog & Digital

The red-y industrial mass flow meters and controllers make use of the latest MEMS technology and have a digital (Modbus RTU) and analog interface as standard.

Modbus Interface for our Mass Flow Devices Profibus Interface for our Mass Flow DevicesProfinet RT Interface for our Mass Flow DevicesEtherCAT Interface for our Mass Flow Devices

Profibus, Profinet RT and EtherCAT interfaces are available as option.

IP67 / NEMA 6 Protection

The instruments offer IP67 / NEMA 6 protection against solid particles and water

ATEX Certification

red-y industrial devices come along with ATEX certification (Category 3 / Zone 2 & 22)

Multiple Connections

The red-y industrial series is available with different connection types: Cable gland with compression fitting or optional M12 plug on top

Setup Tool get red-y

Efficient device setup with the free get red-y software:

  • Service tool for remote maintenance
  • Switch gas type
  • Switch measurement units
  • Adjust control parameters


Multigas (option)
One meter or controller can be used for up to 10 different gases or gas mixtures

The instruments are available with Profibus interface: DP-V0 & DP-V1 protocols

3-Year Warranty

High-quality components ensure long and trouble-free operation (does not apply to calibration, options and accessories)

Types & Options red-y industrial series

Mass Flow Meter with IP67 & Ex Protection red-y industrial meter


red-y industrial meter GIM
Thermal Mass Flow Meter with IP67/NEMA 6 protection
Flow up to 450 ln/min (480 SLPM)
Body size ¼” and ½”
Stainless steel 316L version

Mass Flow Controller with IP67 & Ex Protection red-y industrial controller


red-y industrial controller GIC
Thermal Mass Flow Controller with IP67/NEMA 6 protection
Flow up to 450 ln/min (480 SLPM)
Body size ¼” and ½”
Stainless steel 316L version

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers with IP67 & Ex Protection red-y industrial series


red-y industrial controller GIE
Thermal Mass Flow Controller with external valve and IP67/NEMA 6 protection
Flow up to 450 ln/min (480 SLPM)
Body size ¼” and ½”
Stainless steel 316L version

Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for OEM Applications


Customized OEM Solutions:
Optimize and simplify your processes with our customized & modular flow solutions
For a wide range of applications the thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers offer you a significant optimization and simplification of your processes.

» Contact a Mass Flow Expert
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Technical Specifications red-y industrial series

Measuring ranges
Air/Full scale freely selectable Body size ¼” from 0 … 25 mln/min to 0 … 60 ln/min (from 0 … 27 SCCM to 0 … 64 SLPM)
Body size ½” from 0 … 60 ln/min to 0 … 450 ln/min(from 0 … 65 SLPM to 0 … 480 SLPM)
Instrument versions
The economic solution
Accuracy: ± 1.0% of full scale*
Turndown ratio: 1 : 50
With highest accuracy and turndown ratio
(available for GIM < 200 ln/min (200 SLPM) /
GIC < 150 ln/min (150 SLPM) (air))
Accuracy: ± 0.3% of full scale + ± 0.5% of reading*
Turndown ratio: 1 : 100
*An additional error of ±0.25% may apply for analogue signals
Performance Data
Media (real gas calibration) Air, O2*, N2*, He, Ar, CO2, H2, CH4, C3H8 (other gases and gas mixtures on request)
*O2 & N2 are calibrated with air
Response time Meter (GIM): ± 80ms*; Controller (GIC): ± 500ms*
*depending on device configuration & according to SEMI standard E17-1011,
5-100% of range under optimized conditions
Repeatability ± 0.2% of full scale (according to SEMI standard E56-0309)
Longterm stability < 1% of measured value / year
Power supply 24 Vdc (18 – 30 Vdc), 15 Vdc on request
Current consumption Standard Meter (GIM): max. 100 mA; Controller (GIC): max. 250 mA
(GIC with valve type 8 max. 490mA)
Current consumption
Profinet RT / EtherCAT
Meter (GIM): max. 125 mA; Controller (GIC): max. 340 mA
(GIC with valve type 8 max. 560mA)
Operation pressure 0.2 – 11 bara (3 – 160 psia) / GIC with valve type 4.5 and 8: max. 8 bara (120 psia)
Temperature (environment/gas) 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F)
Pressure sensitivity <0.2% / bar (<0.014% / psi) of reading (typical N2)
Temperature sensitivity <0.025% FS measuring range type per 1°C (<0.012% per 1°F)
Warm-up time < 1 sec. for full accuracy
Body Materials Stainless steel 316L (see operating instructions for wetted parts)
Electronic Housing Aluminum
Seals EPDM (FDA), optional FKM and FFKM
Integration & Installation
Output signals analog 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 1-5 V, 0-10 V, 2-10 V
Output signals digital RS-485; Modbus RTU (Slave); LabView-VIs available / option: Profibus DP-V0, DP-V1
Process connection G¼” (BSPP* female) up to 60 ln/min (64 SLPM)
G½” (BSPP* female) up to 450 ln/min (480 SLPM)
*British Standard Pipe Parallel
Inlet section None required
Electrical connection Cable gland with compression fitting / Option: M12 plug (DIN-standard)
(both connection IP67 protected)
Mounting orientation All orientations are possible. We recommend horizontal mounting.
Please contact the manufacturer for further information.
Test pressure 16 bara (240 psia)
Leak rate < 1 x 10-6 mbar l/s He
Ingress protection class IP67 (conforms to NEMA 6)
EMC EN 61326-1
ATEX Certification II 3G nA IIC T4 Gc (Category 3 / Zone 2)
II 3D Ex tc IIIC T100°C Dc (Category 3 / Zone 22)

red-y industrial series Service and Communication Cable IAC

Service and Communication Cable, Communication Module & Options

Cable for support or new configuration, as well as plugs and test certificates

» Datasheet Communication Cable & Options

Compression fittings with 50μ filter

Compression fittings with 50μ filter/ Stainless steel 1.4404 / 316L

Type/Connection Seals in FKM Seals in EPDM
G1/4″ to 6mm Part-N° 328-1011 Part-N° 328-1031
G1/4″ to 1/4″ Part-N° 328-1012 Part-N° 328-1032
G1/4″ to 12mm Part-N° 328-1013 Part-N° 328-1033
G1/4″ to 1/2″ Part-N° 328-1014 Part-N° 328-1034
G1/2″ to 12mm Part-N° 328-1006 Part-N° 328-1026
G1/2″ to 1/2″ Part-N° 328-1007 Part-N° 328-1027

» Datasheet compression fittings

Tri-Clamp Fittings for Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Tri-Clamp fittings

Type/Connection Seals in EPDM
G 1/4″ to D 25 328-1421
G 1/2″ to D 50.5 328-1424

» Datasheet Tri-Clamp fittings

Vacuum fitting (identical to VCR)

Vacuum fitting (identical to VCR®)

Type/Connection Seals in FKM
G1/4″ / 1/4″ VCR Part-N° 328-1190
G1/2″ / 1/2″ VCR Part-N° 328-1191

VCO® & VCR® are registered Trademarks of Swagelok

» Datasheet Vacuum fittings

Male stud fittings Legris / Brass

Male stud fittings Legris / Brass

Type/Connection Seals in NBR
G1/4″ to 6mm Part-N° 328-1211
G1/4″ to 8mm Part-N° 328-1212
G1/4″ to 10mm Part-N° 328-1213
G1/2″ to 8mm Part-N° 328-1216
G1/2″ to 12mm Part-N° 328-1214
G1/2″ to 14mm Part-N° 328-1215

Downloads red-y industrial series

329-2071_de_getredy5.pdfSoftware get red-y Product InformationProduct DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2073_de_smartcommunication.pdfred-y smart & industrial series Digital Communication OverviewProduct DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2091_de_infoindustrial.pdfred-y industrial series Product InformationProduct DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2095_de_options_industrial.pdfred-y industrial series configuration cable & optionsAccessories DatasheetsEN, DE, FRFREN, DE, FR
329-2135_de-triclamp.pdfTri-Clamp FittingsAccessories DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3017_ml_getredy.zipSoftware get red-y V5.7.1.3SoftwareML
329-3041_de_manualsmart_digicom.pdfred-y smart series Operating Instructions digital CommunicationOperating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3049_de_manualindustrial.pdfred-y industrial series Operating instructionsOperating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
399-3036_ml-industrial-conformity-ce.pdfred-y industrial series Declaration of Conformity CECertificates/StatementsEN, DEEN, DE
811-1220_ml_industrial_QSG.pdfred-y industrial series Quick Start GuideOperating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
LabVIEW_2010.zipLabVIEW VIs (LabVIEW 2010 and higher)SoftwareML
LabVIEW_2011.zipLabVIEW VIs (LabVIEW 2011 and higher) SoftwareML
LabVIEW_6.zipLabVIEW VIs (LabVIEW 6 and higher)SoftwareML
LabVIEW_8_6.zipLabVIEW VIs (LabVIEW 8.6 and higher)SoftwareML
vog-ethercat-manual-en.pdfred-y smart & industrial series Operating Instructions EtherCATOperating InstructionsEN
vog-ethercat-twincat-tutorial.zipred-y smart & industrial series Tutorial EtherCAT TwinCatOperating InstructionsEN
vog-profinet-manual-en.pdfred-y smart & industrial series Operating Instructions ProfinetOperating InstructionsEN
vog-profinet-twincat-tutorial.zipred-y smart & industrial series Tutorial Profinet TwinCatOperating InstructionsEN