Efficient Device Management for our Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Accessories for Thermal Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

With the free get red-y software, users now have PC access to all connected Vögtlin measuring and control devices. Beside displaying key information, users can also view and modify various operating parameters.

Thanks to intelligent device monitoring, the software is a perfect service and analysis tool, e.g. to check and adjust settings.

Device Information

  • Display all key device information, e.g. reading, temperature, total, valve voltage etc.
  • Specify a setpoint for flow and pressure controllers
  • Assign a device name, e.g. name of measuring point ID
  • Change the device address (Modbus, Profibus)
  • Visualization of measured data
  • Adjust the control speed

Operating State Monitoring

The software monitors key operating parameters and indicates irregularities such as:
  • Sensor and communication errors
  • Unusual device behavior (instability, contamination, etc.)

Switch Measurement Units & Gas Type

  • Select the desired units of measurement
  • For devices that have been calibrated for several different gases (multigas), user can switch to different stored gas data sets

Plug & Play with USB Cable

Digital communication cable USB/RS485 (PDM-U Art. 328-2180) and versatile cable accessories ensure that measurement and control devices can be operated troublefree from the PC.

Logging, Mixing & Calibration Module (optional)

  • Mix gases with fixed percental proportions
  • Master/Slave mixing function
  • Visualize and log all measured data
  • Export as CSV file for further use in MS Excel or similar program
  • Check for deviations in the mass flow meters and controllers

Calibration & Adjustment Module (optional / incl. training)

The calibration module can be used to check for deviations in the red-y smart series mass flow meters and controllers.
The supplemental adjustment module permits manual or automatic adjustment.
Offer and sale of adjustment functionality at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. The manufacturer reserves the right to refrain from offering or selling of this feature.

System requirements

The get red-y 5 software runs under Windows 7 & 10.
For required hardware, please refer to the operating manual of the software.

Downloads Software get red-y

329-2071_de_getredy5.pdfSoftware get red-y Product InformationProduct DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2073_de_smartcommunication.pdfred-y smart & industrial series Digital Communication OverviewProduct DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3017_ml_getredy.zipSoftware get red-y V5.7.1.2SoftwareMLML
329-3037_de_manualgetredy5.pdfSoftware get red-y Operating InstructionsOperating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
811-1226_ml_getredydongle_QSG.pdfget red-y USB Dongle Quick Start GuideSoftwareMLML