red-y OEM flow solutions

Optimize your Processes with our Customized OEM Flow Solutions

For a wide range of applications the thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers red-y for gasflow will bring you a significant optimization and simplification of your processes.

Our R&D has a long standing experience in finding superior solutions for a broad setting of flow applications.

The red-y OEM solutions offer numerous benefits to your applications

Modular Design

The compact and modular design saves space and costs. Applications are scalable easily

Build – Connect – Configure – Control:
Vögtlin’s modular device concept

Vögtlin's modular device concept

Preventing Leaks

The compact and modular design bans the incidence of leaks

Easy Integration

Analog and digital interfaces allow easy integration into existing systems

Fast Exchange of Devices

Thanks to the modular design, a single measuring or control device can be replaced quickly

Swiss Engineering & Quality

Our digital mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are supplied with 3 years warranty as standard. Only high-quality components are used for our OEM solutions.

Our OEM partners and our customers need reliable quality & repeatable performance. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we can guarantee highest quality standards.

Gas Mixing Systems

Precise measurement and stable regulation of behaviour are important if the quality of gas mixtures is to be maintained at a high level.
With the thermal mass flow controllers from Vögtlin, gases can be mixed in different ways.

Gas Flow / Mass Flow OEM Solutions by Vögtlin

One MFC can be used for up to ten different types of gas. Through digital control and with the use of open/close valves, the controller can switch the supplied gas. As a result, fewer devices are required for the mixing system.

Gas Flow / Mass Flow OEM Solutions by Vögtlin

The extreme compact and modular design allows the operation of multiple MFCs within a tight space. The precise control valves enable a maximum of reproducibility.

Tailored OEM Flow Solutions for Gas Flow by Vögtlin

Due to an intelligent design concept without screws, the MFCs can be quickly installed and removed. This enables a fast replacement of devices.

That’s why our solutions for gas mixing systems are convincing:

  • Precise and fast control
  • No open/close valves required thanks to tightly sealed control valves
  • High repeatability
  • Real gas calibration / Multiple gases per device
  • High savings possible with mixed gases
  • Independent of temperature and pressure
  • Easy to maintain

Our gas mixing systems are used in:

  • Analyzer Calibration
  • Burner Control
  • Coating Plant
  • Flame Control
  • Furnace Building
  • Gas Analysers
  • Gas Dosages
  • Gasing of Metal Melting
  • Laser Welding & Cutting
  • Preparation of Gas Mixtures
  • Surface Treatment
  • Test Equipment

Download red-y OEM Application Stories

329-2032_de_appMeasuring.pdfApplication Spotlight Gas Flow MeasuringApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2034_de_appControlling.pdfApplication Spotlight Gas Flow ControllingApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2035_de_appMixing.pdfApplication Spotlight Gas Flow MixingApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2037_de_appLocal.pdfApplication Spotlight Local Gas Consumption MeasurementApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2040_de_appCentral.pdfApplication Spotlight Centralized Gas Consumption MeasurementApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2042_de_appLeak.pdfApplication Spotlight Leak MeasurementApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2043_de_appFlamectrl.pdfApplication Spotlight Flame ControlApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2045_de_appAtmosphere.pdfApplication Spotlight Control of Gas AtmosphereApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-2067_de_02supply.pdfApplication Spotlight Control of O2 SupplyApplication SpotlightsDE
329-2104_en_appbiotechnology.pdfApplication Spotlight Bio ReactorsApplication SpotlightsEN
329-2106_en_appgassampling.pdfApplication Spotlight Gas SamplingApplication SpotlightsEN
329-3063_de_applowgas.pdfApplication Spotlight Low Emission Glass Manufacturing (Low-E)Application SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3065_de_appicecream.pdfApplication Spotlight Air Flow Control in Ice Cream ManufacturingApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3067_de_appspraydrying.pdfApplication Spotlight Digital Gas Flow Control for Spray DryersApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3071_de_appairsampler.pdfApplication Spotlight Air Sampler VerificationApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3075_de-appglassmanufacturing.pdfApplication Spotlight Glass Bottle ProductionApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE
vi-pharma-leaflet-de.pdfApplication Flyer Pharmaceutical IndustryApplication SpotlightsEN, DEEN, DE