About Vögtlin Instruments GmbH

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH – Flow Excellence since 1986

Worldwide Calibration Facilities of Vögtlin Instruments GmbH

With our 3 calibration &
service facilities in Europe,
Asia and the US we are
extremly close to the customer

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers with latest CMOS/MEMS technology

Our innovative
products are
based on latest
MEMS technology

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH – Research and Development

Our R&D team works
with the latest
engineering technologies
to provide
superior products

We are Vögtlin Instruments GmbH, your partner for intelligent and innovative gas flow measurement and control instrumentation.

High-quality products, professional advice, the personal commitment of the team and a stimulating partnership to our sales partner and customers are the key elements of our global success.

Vögtlin is an ISO certified mass flow company

Swiss Quality Engineering

Vögtlin is a Swiss developer of precision flow instrumentation. For the last 35 years our flow experts ensure high-value products and solutions for your flow measurement and control tasks. Our mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for gases with digital and analog output and IP67/NEMA6 and ATEX protection serve a wide range of applications:

  • Gas analysis
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech / Life ­science
  • Research & Development
  • OEM and other industrial applications & solutions

Innovative Products based on latest Technology

Our high-precision flow measurement and control devices are based on on high tech semicon MEMS sensor technology. With more than 300.000 devices sold, Vögtlin is a strongly respected global player in this market. This success is coming from our attitude to provide the best products, solutions and services and be a part of the customer’s success. The Vögtlin team is looking forward to help you get the best flow solution!

Our OEM partners and our customers need reliable quality & repeatable performance. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we can guarantee highest quality standards.

Vögtlin Insruments AG – International Headquarters

Strong worldwide Sales, Service and Distribution Network

Since 2011 Vögtlin is a member of the TASI Flow Network which delivers flow meter, flow control and dispensing solutions. TASI Flow products are developed, customized and serviced through technical centers in the US, Switzerland, Germany and UK. Strategically located calibration centers in Europe, Asia and the US allow us to provide full service and application expertise next to the customers door.

With local sales partners in more than 40 countries, we provide a strong worldwide sales, service and distribution network.

The TASI Flow Experts

Take advantage of our Global Flow Solution Network with competence in a diverse lineup of flow measurement technologies:

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Positive Displacement Gear Meters, Variable Area Flow Meters, Turbine Meters, and Gear Pumps in the United States.

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Gear Meters, Helical Gear Flow Meters, and Turbine Meters in Germany.

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Rotary Piston Flow Meters dedicated to the challenging chemical injection industry in the United Kingdom.