Vögtlin's Modular Device Concept

modular massflow device concept for gas control solutionsmodular massflow device concept for gas control solutionsmodular massflow device concept for gas control solutions

Your freedom of choice:
Our modular device concept!

Analog & digital

Connect multiple
flow controllers

Plug & Play
with a wide range of cables

Ready for your
supply system

Connect to PC,
SPS or your own

The system grows
with your business

Vögtlin′s modular device concept: Building gas flow control solutions with ease

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH, the scientific gas flow specialist, provides intelligent and modular setups for your gas flow measurement and control tasks.

→ Build → Connect → Configure→ Control

Thermal Mass Flow Controllers for Gases red-y smart series

Digital Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gases red-y smart series

High accuracy · Huge dynamic range · Fast response time · Real gas calibrations · Compact & flexible unit · Ability to calibrate yourself · Low pressure drop · Fast delivery · Economically priced · 3 year warrantee
» red-y smart series

Get red-y Software

Device Management Software

Efficient Device Management for our Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
» Software get red-y


Interfaces & Cables

With our wide range of cable and power supply accessories the thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers o are immediately ready for operation.
» Cables/Accessories

Display and Control Device for Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Process Control

Available drivers, programming templates and support for LabView, Visual Studio, C++ and PLCs from all major manufacturer.
» Display and Control Unit PCU-10

Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gases with built-in display

Display / Local Control

Display includes: Flow rate, totalizer, unit of measure & set point control (controller only).
» red-y smart Display Option

Mass Flow OEM Solutions by Vögtlin

System Customizing & Integration

Positive shut-off valves · Non-return valves · Pressure transducers · Bypass systems · Filters … and many more
» red-y smart OEM Solutions

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers with IP67 Protection

Rough Environment Versions

Reliable technology and industry standard interfaces for rough environments: Our tried and tested thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases as IP67 / NEMA 6 version.
» red-y industrial series

Electronic pressure controllers with integrated Flow Measurement red-y smart back pressure controller GSB

Pressure Controllers with integrated Flow Measurement

The devices automatically control a predefined process pressure and at the same time measure and/or limit the flow rate. On-the-fly switching between pressure control and flow control offers maximum flexibility.
» red-y smart pressure controller

Customized OEM Flow Solutions

Inlet / Outlet Combiners & Diverters

Straight blocks · Downport blocks · Distribution blocks · Mix blocks · Exit blocks · PS valve blocks
» Combiners & Diverters