Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Software get red-y error message: Unsupported firmware found

In this example, devices delivered with the current firmware v6.1.08 receive the error message «Unsupported firmware», when they get connected to the software get red-y Version 5.6.

Software get red-y error message: Unsupported firmware

Reason: Devices of the red-y smart or industrial series have a more recent firmware version (FW) than the one available on your currently installed get red-y software.

Possible consequence: This can in some cases lead to functional problems.

Solution: Updating to latest software get red-y version will fix these issues. The latest software get red-y V5.x can be found in the download area of

Download and install current software get red-y V5.6.0.1:

Important note: New software release get red-y (from V and higher) available

In addition to numerous improvements, this version contains a firmware update feature for devices of the red-y smart & industrial series to the current firmware version 6.1.12*.

More information about the Software, Firmware-Update, Release Note and additional FAQs

Download current get red-y software

*Only for devices from SN 160000 and higher