Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which flow units are available (red-y compact series)?

For the digital massflow meters red-y compact series a wide choice of flow units is available.
Choose between a large number of standardized and normalized flow units of the Imperial, US customary and SI measuring systems (with user adjustable reference conditions).
The units are selectable from the integrated menu both for the actual flow and the totalized flow.

Available flow units for the digital massflow meters red-y compact series

Overview of available flow units:

Flow Totalizer
Standard & Norm Others Standard & Norm Others
mln/s mls/s mln mls
mln/min mls/min ln ls
mln/h mls/h m³n m³s
ln/s ls/s g sl
ln/min ls/min kg l
nlpm slpm lb cc
ln/h ls/h scc
nlph slph scf
m³n/h m³s/h
g/s sccs
g/min sccm
g/h cc/s
kg/min cc/min
kg/h cc/h
lb/min l/s
lb/h l/min

Important note: New software release get red-y (from V and higher) available

In addition to numerous improvements, this version contains a firmware update feature for devices of the red-y smart & industrial series to the current firmware version 6.2.01*.

More information about the Software, Firmware-Update, Release Note and additional FAQs

Download current get red-y software

*Only for devices from SN 160000 and higher