Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the impact of the moisture of the gas?

Moist gas of up to approx. 80 % rh has only a slight impact on the measuring accuracy. However, make sure that no condensation can take place in the measuring device. The condensation could settle on the sensor which could lead to inaccurate measurements. In the event that a measuring device has come into contact with condensation, it can for the most part be rinsed with a dry gas, such as N2. See also the remarks in the operating instructions.

Important note: New software release get red-y (from V and higher) available

In addition to numerous improvements, this version contains a firmware update feature for devices of the red-y smart & industrial series to the current firmware version 6.1.12*.

More information about the Software, Firmware-Update, Release Note and additional FAQs

Download current get red-y software

*Only for devices from SN 160000 and higher