Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What reference conditions (pressure and temperature) does Vögtlin use?

Unlike liquids, gases can be compressed. The volume changes when the temperature and/or the pressure change. When specifying a gas volume, the reference temperature and the reference pressure must thus also always be specified. The flow unit is than referred to as normalized (f.i. ln/min) or standardized flow (f.i. ls/min)

When we refer to “Normal” flow we in general use:
Temperature Tn = 273,15 K, corresponds to 0 °C
Pressure Pn = 1013,25 mbar abs

When we refer to “Standard” flow we in general use:
Temperature Tn = 293,15 K, corresponds to 20 °C
Pressure Pn = 1013,25 mbar abs
See also: conditions

Please note: Not everyone understands standard conditions in the same way. In the case of reference pressure, everyone agrees, but in the case of reference temperature, there are differences:

  • Gas suppliers in Europe do not use 0 °C, but 15 °C as their “Normal condition”

To avoid misunderstandings, the reference conditions are specified clearly in our correspondence.
On request, we also deliver the devices with another reference temperature.

Important note: New software release get red-y (from V and higher) available

In addition to numerous improvements, this version contains a firmware update feature for devices of the red-y smart & industrial series to the current firmware version 6.2.1*.

More information about the Software, Firmware-Update, Release Note and additional FAQs

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*Only for devices from SN 160000 and higher