Panel mounting kit forĀ the mass flow metersĀ red-y compact series

Schalttafel Einbau-Kit fĆ¼r batteriebetriebene digitale Massenmesser fĆ¼r Gase red-y compact series

Panel mounting kits for the digital mass flow devices of the red-y compact series.

Two different mounting kits are available:
Kit A with mounting bracket and Kit B with mounting bracket and front bezel.
Both panel mounting kits can be used for device generation compact 1 & 2.

All required mounting screws are included.

Panel Mounting Kit A ā€“ Mounting bracket

Device generation red-y compact 1 series red-y compact 2Ā series
G1/4″ version Art.-NĀ° 328-3803 Art.-NĀ° 328-3803
G1/2″ version Art.-NĀ° 328-3804 Art.-NĀ° 328-3804
Ingress protection class IP-50 IP-50
Mounting screws Included Included

Panel Mounting Kit B ā€“ Mounting bracket with front bezel

Device generation red-y compact 1 series red-y compact 2Ā series
G1/4″ version Art.-NĀ° 328-3801 Art.-NĀ° 328-3801
G1/2″ version Art.-NĀ° 328-3802 Art.-NĀ° 328-3802
Ingress protection class IP-65 IP-50
Mounting screws Included Included

The front bezel of Panel Mounting Kit B partially or in full covers the Micro USB interface. Power supply via USB or firmware upgrade in installed condition therefore is not available.

ExplodedĀ and dimension drawingĀ seeĀ datasheetĀ panel mounting kit red-y compact series.

3D-Drawings are available with the red-y compact CAD 3D models.

3D-ViewĀ Panel Mounting KitĀ B ā€“ red-y compact series

Downloads red-y compact series

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329-2099_de_compactalarm.pdfred-y compact 2 series Alarm ModuleAccessories DatasheetsEN, DE, FRFREN, DE, FR
329-3055_de_manualcompact300.pdfred-y compact 2 series Operating Instructions SN>300000Operating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
811-1216_ml_compact_QSG.pdfred-y compact 2 series Quick Start GuideOperating InstructionsMLML
vi-service-tool-windows-x86.exered-y compact 2 series Service Tool with Firmware Update 3.0.6 / WINSoftwareMLML