Mass Flow Meter & Controller with Profinet & EtherCAT Interface

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers with Profinet & EtherCAT Interface

We are proud to pre-announce the release of our digital mass flow meters and controllers of the red-y smart series with industrial ethernet interface. Two industrial ethernet protocols EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) and Profinet RT (Real Time) will be available.

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers with Industrial Ethernet

The interface consists of two connectors (IN/OUT) and is accessible from the top of the device. The device housing has a slightly higher design than the standard smart.

You can find more information on the product websites of the red-y smart series and the red-y industrial series.

By clicking on the EtherCAT or Profinet links below you will find all the essential files, such as the ESI or GSDML file, which will be used for the EtherCAT and Profinet configuration of your master PLC respectively. But you will also find complete tutorials, including all files for programming your PLC as well as many examples described in the respective manuals, on how to program your PLC for dedicated applications.

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