d·flux multi series – Vögtlin Connect App

Multi-Parameter Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

The d·flux multi series is a fast and reliable multi-parameter mass flow meter for gases with measurement outputs for mass, volumetric and normalized flow, pressure and temperature. One of the many advantages of this laminar flow meter is the ability to easily switch to a different gas without a loss in accuracy.

Why do we see more and more Bluetooth® configuration tools in flow meters and do they work?

Modern flow meters get smarter and have more options, that need to be configured, selected and tuned. To build all “configurating” in the PLC is not effective, in general we use separate software for that, often under MS Windows®.

Bluetooth® and an Android app are convenient and do not need any cables. Most people have their phone with them most of the time.

The Vögtlin d·flux multi gas flow meter and controller is configurable over Bluetooth® with an intuitive app. No need to study manuals for hours and it is free of charge. Have a look at our flow meters and controllers from 1 mln/min to 1400 ln/min. We have convenient solutions that are affordable! The Vögtlin Connect App is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

The new Vögtlin Connect App


The new Vögtlin Connect App

Device parameters that can be controlled with the Vögtlin Connect App:

Bluetooth readable / adjustable variables Read Write
Create & edit profiles (set of settings) YES YES
Flow range & dynamic range YES YES
Filter settings YES YES
Alarms and warnings YES YES
Analog in/output configuration YES YES
Function of push button* YES YES
Read current values YES
Show Graphs YES
Totalizer (read, select, reset) YES YES
Node / slave address setting YES YES
I/O for external valve on / off YES YES
Restart device YES
Password protection of unit YES YES
Factory reset YES
PID and valve parameters YES YES


* The external push button on the device can be programmed for one of the following functions: Device restart, measurement on/off, warning reset or tare (long press). Activation/Deactivation of Bluetooth® connection (short press).

Downloads d⋅flux multi series

329-2143_de_infodflux.pdfd·flux multi series Product InformationProduct DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
329-3081_de_manualdflux.pdfd·flux multi series Operating InstructionsOperating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
811-1227_ml_dflux_QSG.pdfd·flux multi series Quick Start GuideOperating InstructionsEN, DEEN, DE
vog-ethercat-manual-d-flux-en.pdfd·flux multi series Operating Instructions EtherCATOperating InstructionsEN
vog-profinet-manual-d-flux-en.pdfd·flux multi series Operating Instructions ProfinetOperating InstructionsEN
vog-d-flux-service-tool-windows-x86.exed·flux multi series Service Tool with Firmware Update 1.0.4 / WINSoftwareEN, DEEN, DE
vog-profinet-GSDML-d-flux.zipd·flux multi series Profinet GSDML FilesSoftwareMLML
d-flux-gaslist-EN-DE.xlsxd·flux multi series Gas ListOthersEN, DEEN, DE
329-2135_de-triclamp.pdfTri-Clamp FittingsAccessories DatasheetsEN, DEEN, DE
399-3034_ml-dflux-conformity-ce.pdfd·flux multi series Declaration of Conformity CECertificates/StatementsEN, DEEN, DE
399-3035_ml-dflux-conformity-ukca.pdfd·flux multi series Declaration of Conformity UKCACertificates/StatementsEN, DEEN, DE