What is required to let the smart series communicate to a PC?

Vögtlin Instruments AG offers a wide range of accessories, so that the devices can be operated directly via a PC with very little effort. In detail:

» Cable accessories for the red-y smart series

The free software get red-y offers a wide range of possibilities in context with the digital communication:

  • Configuration of the serial computer interface
  • Setting the program language
  • Scanning and depicting the bus structure
  • Integrating individual devices into the bus structure
  • Reading the device-specific hardware and software versions
  • Displaying the measuring value, the totalizer and the temperature of a device
  • Setting the set values
  • Resetting totalizer
  • Selecting or changing the regulating parameter sets
  • Setting the PI control parameters and checking performance
  • Selecting the corresponding calibration data set (multi-calibration)

In addition, the following functions can optionally be unlocked:

  • Data logger
  • Mixer