Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to place a filter in the gas line to the flow meter/controller?

If you use gas from a bottle which is clean and dry, there is, in general no need for a filter.

However, there is a risk during start-up of the devices, because dirt particles could be present in the line. It is recommended to install a bypass system, so that the line can be rinsed or can be exposed in response to possible repairs.

In the event that ambient or compressed air is used, the installation of a moisture and dust filter is strongly recommended.

Important note: New software release get red-y (from V and higher) available

In addition to numerous improvements, this version contains a firmware update feature for devices of the red-y smart & industrial series to the current firmware version 6.2.1*.

More information about the Software, Firmware-Update, Release Note and additional FAQs

Download current get red-y software

*Only for devices from SN 160000 and higher