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The digital mass flow meters of the red-y compact 2 series are nominated for the Flow Control Innovation Award 2016!

Vögtlin's digital mass flow meters nominated for Innovation Award 2016

Each year, Flow Control presents the latest innovations and technology breakthroughs in the industry based on an open nomination and reader voting process.

We are proud to announce that our innovative digital mass flow meters of red-y compact 2 series have been nominated for this year’s Innovation Award!

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red-y compact 2 series now available with alarm option

digital mass flow meters with alarm functionality

We have the pleasure to announce the release of an advanced alarm module for the red-y compact 2 series which adds lots of functionality to our digital mass flow meters. The alarm module provides 3 configurable alarms. The following triggers are available: High alarm, low alarm, window alarm and totalizer alarm.

Together with the new alarm module we release an new firmware with new features & improvements:

180° screen rotation: They screen turns automatically 180 degrees if you turn the unit over. You can also manually set the display to permanently turn 180 degrees, especially convenient if the gas inlet is coming from the right.

Displayed flow and totalizer resolution setting manually adjustable: The display has the ability to read the flow in many different units, that means that the visible number of digits is calculated depending on the range and the units you select. Normally this is done automatically, but some customers want to see fewer digits to make the display less “nervous”. In addition to the automatic resolution setting of the flow and totalizer values, you can now set you own desired number of digits.

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Firmware update red-y compact 2 series – newly added value!

Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters for Gases red-y compact series USB

We have the pleasure to announce the release of a new firmware version for the red-y compact 2 series which adds new advanced features to our digital mass flow meters. The firmware version 3.0.3 is available free of charge and applicable to all compact 2 devices (SN > 300000).

New features & improvements:

  • Configuration of automated totalizer reset
  • More flow units available
  • Improved information screen

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Vögtlin announces collaboration with Horiba in Japan

Vögtlin announces collaboration with Horiba in Japan

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with HORIBA STEC Inc. The Japan based Company is the world’s largest mass flow controller manufacturer to the semiconductor industry and member of the HORIBA group.

Vögtlin and HORIBA STEC have signed a sales collaboration agreement to sell our thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases  in the Japanese market.

This step is a further milestone in the growth of our global sales network. We are proud and committed to work together with the world leading manufacturer of mass flow controllers.

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Next Generation digital Massflow Meters

Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters for Gases red-y compact series with touch display

We are pleased to present the next generation digital mass flow meters for gases of the red-y compact series! The 2015 instrument generation offers a new level of ease of use: compact design with touch display and 24 Vdc, battery or USB supply for great flexibility.

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