Winner of the Flow Control Innovation Award 2016

Vögtlin wins the Flow Control Innovation Award 2016

The digital mass flow meters of the red-y compact 2 series are the winners of the Flow Control Innovation Award 2016!

The journal Flow Control has honored the fluid handling industry’s ongoing commitment to manufacturing excellence through an annual Innovation Award for nearly two decades. Each year, Flow Control presents the latest innovations and technology breakthroughs in the industry based on an open nomination and reader voting process.
We are extremely excited to announce that our innovative digital mass flow meters of the red-y compact 2 series have been choosen as the winner for this year’s Innovation Award! In this year’s nomination process Vögtlin has prevailed against other industry leaders like Siemens, Sierra Instruments and Endress+Hauser!
This award reinforces our long-standing commitment for innovative high-tech products in the field of gas flow measurement and control.

» Read the story on the Flow Control website
» Press release October 20, 2016 (PDF)
» Vögtlin’s award presentation in Flow Control Magazine October 2016 issue (PDF)

The mass flow meter with award-winning Fingerspitzengefühl!

Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters for Gases red-y compact series with touch display

Fin-ger-spit-zen-ge-fühl [noun] is a German term, meaning “instinctive feel” or “tact and sensitivity” literally meaning “finger tips feeling”.
The mass flow meters of the red-y compact 2 series are characterized by powerful technology, intelligent functions and numerous innovations:

  • Backlit touch screen technology
  • Extended alarm functions
  • Multi gas, in SS and aluminum
  • Over 20 user-configurable flow units
  • Battery, Micro-USB or 12…30 Vdc powered
  • Accurate, no drift, 100 : 1 turndown ratio

Vogtlin is the winner of this year flow control innovation award